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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Teawares for Afternoon Tea

Caddy Spoon Used to measure tea from a tea caddy.
Lemon Squeezer An item that you hold to squeeze a small wedge of lemon without using your fingers.
Milk/Cream Pitcher/Jug A vessel with a handle used to store and serve milk or cream at teatime.
Serving Plates/Dessert Plates Decorated fine bone China used for serving the foods that accompany tea.
Sugar Bowl A small container, with or without lid, usually made of glass or china that is used to hold granulated sugar or sugar cubes.
Sugar Tongs Small, delicate tongs used for serving sugar cubes at tea.
Tea Ball a hollow, perforated metal ball used to hold loose tea leaves whilst steeping tea.
Tea Caddy A small box for keeping tea, also known as a tea cannister.
Tea Infuser Usually made from a mesh, enable you to brew the loose tea and lift it out easily.
Tea Strainer A device for straining or filtering the tea leaves from your tea.
Tea Tray Used for carrying a teapot, teacups and saucers etc; when serving tea.
Teabag Tongs Tongs to lift the used teabag from your teacup or teapot.
Teacup A cup in which tea is served.
Teakettle A kettle with a spout and handle in which water is boiled for making tea and other hot beverages like coffee.
Teapot A vessel used for making tea which has a spout, handle and lid.
Teaspoon A small spoon used for stirring tea and coffee.

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