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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pretty Pocketbook Tea Cozy

Introducing my latest creation—a unique tea cozy for your next tea! This new dome-style tea cozy is designed to look like a purse, or pocketbook, as my grandmother would say. Each cozy is handcrafted from a 100% cotton print and features a white “flap” trimmed in lace and a fabric covered button. The back of the cozy features a lace-trimmed pocket just right for tucking in a few packets of sweetener or herbal tea bags for caffeine abstainers. A lace trimmed napkin has been added just for frills! Batting and poly-fil are sandwiched between the fabric and lining to keep your pot warm while chatting with your guests. (This is not a thin cozy—the sides are 1 1/2” thick!) Fits most 4-6 cup teapots. A Sweet Necessi-Teas original design!

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