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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Victorian Christmas

A Victorian Christmas Tea
1. The elegant touches for a Victorian Christmas tea start with the invitations and extend to the tree ornaments, door bouquets and place settings.
2. Make an inviting door bouquet to welcome guests by combining roses, pine and berries in a cone made from anaglyptic wallpaper and highlighted with a sheer ribbon.
3. Decorate in the room in British tea style, with light pastels and floral colors instead of traditional Christmas colors. The centerpiece is the table, draped with both floral print and solid color tablecloths
4. An antique teapot surrounded by a fresh floral arrangement makes for an elegant centerpiece.
5. Add Victorian touches to the mantel, too. Arrange flame resistant garland along the mantel, and add pink and white votive candle, tassels, lace and berries. For homes without a mantel, try this scheme around doorways or along banisters.
6. Don't forget to trim the tree with Victorian style. Use a variety of miniature teacups tied with velvet ribbons, ornaments with Victorian themes, garland made from wired ribbon and lace doilies filled with potpourri that guests can take home.
7. Create elegant ornaments with a Victorian theme by using decorative paper and card stock. Pick a piece of paper with a decorative pattern, and cut it into a cone shape. Cut a piece of card stock to match, lay it on top of the decorative paper and roll together to form a cone with the card stock on the inside.
8. Glue the edges together, and use clothespins to hold the cone together while it dries. Garnish by gluing a decorative ball on the small end of the cone, and fill the large opening with fresh greenery or herbs. (Don't forget to add a Christmas stocking from my shop to finish off the decorating!)

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Lady Lydia Speaks said...

I always enjoy seeing what Texas ladies do with their homes. You have such a dramatic and impressive way of decorating and using centerpieces!

Lydia in Oregon