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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Teatime Tabletop Ideas

Table Top Ideas

...Replace the cups that come with a cut glass punch bowl with chintz pattern teacups.

...Bring your cup collection to the table serving soup, a side dish, or chocolate mousse instead of tea.

...Arrange cups as a table centerpiece and fill with cut flowers or fresh herbs.
...Use saucers as coasters for drinks served in tall glasses.

...Don't discard a chipped or cracked teapot. Create a flower arrangement in it and use for your centerpiece.

...Arrange teaspoons in a small vase or sugar bowl.

...A doll-size tea set is a fitting decoration to display on a side table.

...Always keep in mind that the best centerpieces are low and spread out, allowing guests to see each other across the table.

...Candlelight always adds to the ambiance and flatters anyone seen in its glow, but be sure to use supplementary electric lighting or the room may be too dark.

...Avoid scented candles, which can distract from your guest's appreciation of the food & tea.

...Make an interesting table setting by using a different pattern of china for each place setting.

...Break a teacup, no problem--use the saucer for a candle holder or soap dish.

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