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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Christmas Stockings

I know that fall has just arrived, but for people in the retail business, Christmas is looming just around the corner. Since I make many of the items in my shop, that means I have to have products in place before the Christmas shopping begins. That being said, I had a creative spurt yesterday and came up with two new stocking designs for my tea friends--Tea Time Christmas Stockings. Currently, I just have them in pink and white (remember, I'm a Pinkette--MakeMinePink), but plan to add a blue and possibly a more traditional color scheme soon. Take a peek and see if you have to have one for yourself!

One of my fellow Pinkettes said,"this stocking is so pretty it can be hung year round in a cozy nook.LOL " For those of us who love tea and pink--it could!

For a closer look, visit my shop!Only 70 days until Christmas! Happy shopping!

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