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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Birthday, Daddy

March 21, 1958
  Dad turned 31.  I was 1 day old.
My Dad was a poet.  He wrote this one for me last year after I had visited him in Houston--an early celebration of our birthdays.  It was our last.  Dad is having a heavenly birthday this year.
Your Gift To Me
You gave me a gift today---
as you always do
when we’re together!
You told me I’m a father
who’s made you feel loved
every moment of your life.
You let me know you’ve felt
a special relationship with me
as far back as you can remember.
You made me feel that my life
has touched you at the depths of your being
and helped you blossom into who you are.
You made me feel deeply loved
simply because I am me
living openly in your presence.
You gave me a gift
of the grace of God
transmitted through you.
 And, Karen, I accept your gift
knowing how blessed and full my life is
because you are my loving---beloved---daughter!
---J.W. (Bill) Turner
March 4, 2012.
[Copyright by J.W. (Bill) Turner. 
 I miss you, Daddy...

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