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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Ballerina Tea Party

You are going to invite your best friend over for a tea party next week. It will be a special occasion—celebrating the end of your first ballet class. The recital was last night and you will never forget the excitement of being on stage—the lights, the music, the butterflies in your stomach! Mommy and Daddy were in the audience and said your performance was just perfect. Afterwards, they brought you a bouquet of flowers and a very special gift—a Pink Ballerina Tea For Two Tea Set. Your best friend, Victoria, will just love it! She loves ballet almost as much as you…and you both love tea parties! It’s going to be so much fun!

Mommy has her friends over for tea all the time. She always lets you help her, and now she says she will help you plan your Ballerina Tea Party. She says first you have to make some decisions, like when and where it will be, what food to serve, how to decorate, and what to wear. That’s easy:

Next Saturday afternoon.

Outside, unless it rains.

Tea and Cookies.

Ballerina stuff.

Our ballet costumes.To read the full article and see more photos, please visit my website. The Ballerina Tea Party Plan is listed on the lower left sidebar.

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