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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Children's Tea Sets!

What could be more fun than a Teddy and Me Tea Party? A Ballerina Teddy and Me Tea Party!

Just look what is coming to my shop next week:
Tea For Two Tea Set--Pink Ballerinas

19" Ballerina Bear--Pink

19" Ballerina Bear--Purple

Tea For Two Tea Set--Purple Ballerinas

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Mary said...

Hi Karen,

I found your blog on my desktop...I don't know when I put it there, but I don't think I have you on my will go there today. I just read your post on Mother's Day. I assume that Barbara might be your mother-in-law...whoever she was, I hear your heart in that she was special and is now gone. I've lost both my "moms", and even though the pain subsides, the missing never one can replace a mom.

I hope to visit again...I've been away for a month or so, but hope to get back to blogging more often...there is just so much to do all the time, it's sometimes difficult to sit down and take some time to get filled up again with wonderful sharing of our bloggy friends.

I'm also a "tea" your little teddy bear girls...they are precious!

Take care and God bless,