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Friday, April 30, 2010

Tea Storage Tips

Have you ever wondered how long you can store tea? In general, the less oxidized the leaf, the faster it will lose flavor when exposed to air. Black teas and darker oolongs tend to retain flavor longer, even up to two years! General guidelines are:

White Tea--1 year

Green Tea-- 1 year

Oolong Tea--1-2 years

Black Tea--2 years

For optimal flavor and freshness:

Do not store your tea over the stove. It may be convenient, but the heat and steam are not a good environment.
Excessive heat, odors, moisture, air, and light exposure can forever alter the character of your tea.

Teas should be stored in an airtight, dark, odor-free, and moisture-free environment.

Room temperature is fine for most tea.

Most tins are not airtight. If you store tea in a tin canister, seal it in a resealable bag first.

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Jonell said...

Helpful, thank you so much. Somehow I think instinctively knew about the "over the stove" tip but not the others. Beautiful Tea tray..think I will go set one up JUST BECAUSE :^)