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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Victorian Valentine's Day Theme

I have just finished taking my Christmas decorations down. It's a 3 day process just for the inside and another day or 2 for the outside. Kind of looks bland now... But, this is the perfect time for a makeover. The house is clean and I have a fresh palette, so to speak.

I live in a pink Victorian-style home. I am a romantic-at-heart, so my thoughts naturally drift towards the next romantic holiday--Valentine's Day. Reds, pinks, vintage Valentine post cards, pearls, lace, hats, hearts--all swirl in my head until an idea forms. Why not have a Victorian Valentine's Day Tea?

I begin the hunt through cupboards, drawers, linen armoire, and nooks and crannies for everything I will need. I start with a recent shopping find, a small Victorian-themed trunk, and an idea for a centerpiece takes shape in my head.

To see the finished project and instructions for hosting a Victorian Valentine's Day Tea Party, please visit my website and head over to Tea Party Planning on the lower left sidebar. Recipes can be found under Tea Recipes. Purchase supplies in the Valentine's Day category on the upper left sidebar.

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