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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer Porch and Garden

Please join us each Friday for a themed shopping experience. As a proud member of Make Mine Pink, I will be following the theme of the week along with other member boutiques. I will add newly listed items or specials to this category early Friday morning. Quantities will be limited to stock on hand. Shop early--you never know what you will miss if you don't!

The theme for Friday, July 10th is "Summer Porch and Garden."

There’s nothing more inviting than a summer porch and garden. It can be a source of shade when the temperature gets too warm, a place of shelter during a gentle summer rain, or just a place to sit with someone special on a lazy summer day. It can be a welcoming start your day with your favorite antique tea cup in hand or a front row seat to watch the sunset from the porch swing.

No matter what your summer days hold, a porch and garden can provide the ideal setting for friends, family and even a private retreat. Won’t you join me for a cup of tea while you browse for a few necessi-teas for your summer porch and garden?

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