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Monday, June 22, 2009

Getting it Right

I received a website comment via my guestbook this morning that made my day. She was a first time visitor and just wanted to let me know that she loved my site and was going to share it with someone else. What a great compliment! It made me feel so good to know that I put a smile on someone's face and that I am "getting it right" at least some of the time.

When I was at the World Tea Expo recently, I had the good fortune to have a booth next to Susan Rios. Traffic was slower than expected due to a number of things (the economy, swine flu over-reaction, and it being the week before Mother's Day), but that gave me time to observe how a successful person conducted business. The one thing that stood out--she talked to people. She asked questions. At one point, she was working on a product design and asked for input on the shape of a coaster. Someone asked her, "Well, which shape do you like best?" Her answer--"I'd rather get it right than be right."

What a profound statement! Here is a woman, so creative and talented, asking for opinions and making decisions based on that input. I knew right then that I had been gifted with a piece of advice that I should take to heart. And so I am...

What am I doing right? What needs improvement? What products would you like to see in my shop that I don't currently offer? I am interested in comments about my website as well as my products. I may not post them, but I promise to read your comments and take each one into consideration.


Duchess of Tea said...

You do have a lovely blog, full of interesting posts. I too have forwarded your blog to my sister who owns a tea shop. Many thanks for having such wonderful blog.

RosesinWinter said...

I love the adorable! Especially love the little tea bag holder that is pictured, but am not finding anything similar on the site. Can you bring us these? The one pictured is a Maud Humphrey Bogart print....there are many pictures from this artist that would work for this item. Since I collect the Maud Humphrey Bogart figurines, this would be wonderful for my collection. Can you bring more of this item to us? Anything in pinks, greens and a touch of blue are great for me. Thank you again