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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

This year has started off at a fast pace. No easing into it this time...

On the personal side of life, I travelled to Austin, TX on Jan. 2 for my niece's wedding. It was a beautiful occasion and held at a lovely site, Villa Antonia, overlooking Lake Travis. The weather was picture perfect--70+ degrees in the daytime, 50's in the evening (you never know in Texas!). My brother and his family were with us at Christmas, so I spent most of the time catching up with other family members and mutual friends that I hadn't seen in many years. And, I even had a few dances with my favorite country western dance partner, my brother. (We tore up the floor with the Orange Blossom Special!) It was wonderful!

On the business side, I have been putting the finishing touches on my wholesale line, getting ready to launch at the end of Jan. That required a trip to Atlanta, which went well. I will be sending out a newsletter to wholesale prospects soon. If you are the owner of a tea room or B& B/Inn with a gift shop and have not signed up for a wholesale account, please contact me through my website.

The year promises to keep me busy. I have new designs that I can't wait to transfer from my head to fabric. My latest design is the Rose Is A Rose Tea Cozy (pictured above). It is an elegant, three-dimensional design, complete with quilted petals and leaves. The multiple layers of taffeta and batting will keep your teapot warm for as long as you are at the tea table. It is currently offered in pink (with green leaves), but will be available in other colors soon. Matching accessories on the drawing board now are Rosebud Tea Cup Cover and a Tea Tray Cloth.

I hope you have a wonderful year. In this fast-paced world, taking time to smell the roses or spending time with loved ones over a cup of tea is a respite that refreshes. My hope is that I can inspire you do just that!

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