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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What is Bling?

Make Mine Pink is continuing the Pink Friday themed shopping this week. The theme is "Gotta Have Bling!"

Now, being a 50-yr. old, out-of-the-loop tea enthusiast, I wondered what "Bling" was. The online dictionary had this definition: Bling--An expression popularized by the hip-hop culture, used to describe sparkly jewelry, accessories and/or gemstones.
Jewelry? I can do jewelry! Yes, tea-themed jewelry!

I am blessed to carry 3 lines of the most amazing tea-themed jewelry--all hand-crafted by extremely talented artisans. Two of the lines are exclusive to my shop: Erica of Meadow Street and Lori of Ellenay Designs have created two different looks so that I have something for every taste!

Be sure to stop by my shop very early on Friday--the special pricing is good for that day only.

1 comment:

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

WOO HOO....doing a little happy dance! I won I won I won...woot woot woot! Thank you Karen I know it will be something wonderful!

LOVE your "bling". Mine is going to be vintage pieces...