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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Secret Sister Gift

I just had to post pictures of the beautiful gift I received from my Secret Sister, Michelle (Rose Petals and Blooms) over at Make Mine Pink. I received a huge box in the mail yesterday afternoon.

When I opened it this is what I saw:

I carefully unwrapped each beautiful package, starting with the gorgeous pink lampshade. (Just look at the vintage millinary flowers and rhinestone bling!) This was a bit of a tip off that a lampbase had to be inside, so I opened the next package that seemed to fit. Look what was inside!
On the teapot base was a little photo of what my gift would be when completely assembled. So, next came the tray (complete with little doily).

Next, came a decorated box filled with more wrapped packages--a sugar bowl full of faux sugar cubes, creamer filled with faux cream, a tiny tray of faux sweets, and a little china toothpick holder.
And this is the Tea Set Lamp all put together:

I just stood there and cried it was so beautiful! I love it, Michelle! Can you tell???? It has already taken up residence on my buffet in my dining room next to my cherished antique German tea set.

Michelle is an incredible artist. I knew she painted, but did not know she made lamps (which is why I didn't guess she was my SS right away). She told me that she would be adding lamps to her website soon, so be sure to head over to her shop and snatch up your designer lamp. They will not last long once posted!


Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Karen,

What an amazing gift! She put alot of love into that package. It's all beautiful. Enjoy!

Janet's Creative Pillows

Bonita said...

Wow! That's an incredible gift! It's all beautiful, but the lamp is my favorite. What nice friends you have!