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Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother's Day, 1964

In honor of my 82 year old mom, I'd like to share a special memory of a favorite Mother's Day:

The year was 1964. I was 6 and my brother was 7. On the Saturday before Mother’s Day my brother and I pulled out our McCoy piggy banks and counted our money. Between us, we had $2.05. Then, off we went to Anne’s Gift Shop to buy something really special for our mom.

You see, our mom wasn’t just any mom; she was the best mom in the world! And she deserved a very special gift. Miss Anne’s shop was just the place to find it. She had so many pretty things—costume jewelry, trinket boxes, lady head vases, handkerchiefs, and perfume atomizers.

We must have spent an hour looking, but couldn’t find anything within our price range.
Then, just as we were about to ask Miss Anne for help, we saw it. Displayed on the side of the cash register was a beautiful jewel-studded gold can opener/magnet (so it would never be misplaced). The price tag read, “$2.00”. It was the perfect gift!

Miss Anne placed it in a gold foil box and tied it with a beautiful ribbon. Happily, we skipped down the street, taking turns carrying our treasure home. We were so proud!

The next morning, we couldn’t wait to give Mom her gift. We grinned from ear to ear as she opened the box. Her eyes sparkled almost as much as the jewels as she lifted the cotton and saw it. She ooh-ed and ahh-ed, kissed us both and said, “It’s just what I’ve always wanted!” Then she walked over to the refrigerator and placed the can opener on the door. And there it has remained for almost 45 years—a daily reminder of her children’s love.

Many Mother’s Days have come and gone, but that is the one I remember most fondly.

Happy Mother's Day !


My Pink Boutique said...

What a lovely memory, Karen! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Hugs & Happy Mother's Day, :)

Susie said...

What a sweet memory of Mother's Day Karen.And to know your gift stood the test of time...precious.
Happy Mother's Day.
Susie ~The Polka Dot Rose ~

sita said...

That is such a sweet story I cannot wait til my children get old enough to pick out gifts, and have a story to tell! Thanks for sharing. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day!

Sharon said...

crying madly~ out of joy for such a wonderful memory~thank you for sharing ~oxox~S