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Thursday, March 20, 2008

More about Country Living's Women Entrepreneurs Event

CL editor, Nancy Soriano, interviewing Anna Griffin

When I last posted, I had just returned from the most incredible weekend I have ever had! I had spent the weekend in Chicago with some Make Mine Pink Sisters ( celebrating Joyce Lucas' being honored by Country Living magazine as a Woman Entrepreneur of the Year . The event was a half day of inspirational seminars with speakers Anna Griffin, Tamara Monosoff, and many other successful women. Addition, there were 9 women who were given the award (including Joyce) and each was given an opportunity to talk about their journey on the road to success. It was so inspiring and motivating! I am still thinking about and processing all the bits of advice that were given to us.

Pinkies congratulating Joyce!
(L-R: Michelle, Carol, Me, Joyce, Dianne)
Make Mine Pink display

But, before the seminars started, I had an opportunity, along with 3 other Pinkies, to participate in the Pitch Your Product portion of the event. In this segment of the weekend, selected applicants (75 out of 200+ applicants and, amazingly, all four of us from MMP who applied were selected!) were given 5 minutes to present an original product to the editors for consideration to be included in an upcoming issue of Country Living. It was exhilerating, scary, stressful, and fun! (And that is just a sampling of all the emotions I was feeling!)

My time slot was 8:30-9 AM, so I had to be there at 8:15 to check in. I was so nervous, but the staff was so friendly and and encouraging. They put me at ease and I was able to talk coherently (I hope!). I pitched my Tea Cup and Saucer Totes to Frances G. Bailey, Senior Editor of Decorating and Lifestyle.
Here's one of the five I took with me.

Dianne (Mama's Pocketbooks) pitched at the same time in another room, and Roxie (Business in The Bag) and Sharon (Cest Chouette) pitched their products a bit later. It was an incredible experience!

Afterwards, we grabbed some coffee and doughnuts and just hung out in the lobby--talking to other Pitchers and making new friends! (I'm not in this picture...)Sharon, Roxie, Dianne
(Breathing a sigh of relief!)
At 12 noon, the main event started and we spent the next several hours learning the ins and outs of being a woman entrepreneur. I'll post all about that tomorrow (I promise!)
Until tomorrow...


Tea Party Girl said...

So, Karen, when will you learn if your tea cozies are selected?

Happy Birthday to you, Woman of Beauty!

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Hi Jenny,
It seems we will have to wait until June to find out... The suspense is killing me!

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I am having a fabulous day!