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Friday, March 28, 2008

Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-A-Thon

I was blog-hopping yesterday and found Gracious Hospitality's blog. She is having a fun blog-a-thon you might want to check out. It encompasses several weeks of blogging about various tea-related subjects. This is the end of week two and the theme is Litera-Tea. I signed up and will write about my favorite Tea book today. Weeks to come will center around: Decor-a-Tea, Stitches-for-Tea, Dressed -to-a-Tea, The Sweet-and-Savory -of-Yummy, and more. This is going to be so much fun! If you want to participate, hop on over to her blog and sign up!
My favorite tea book is When Friends Gather for Tea by Sandy Lynam Clough. This is a book about Sandy's Tea Society and features her beautiful artwork and wonderful recipes. It touched my heart because it combines my three passions in life: sewing, tea and serving others. Here's a brief synopsis:

Sandy's Tea Society is a group of friends who have developed very special friendships by delighting one another with creative ideas and a warmth of kindness at their tea parties. The six ladies open their hearts and homes and share with each other their original fashion styles, tea party themes, special recipes, and thoughtful acts of kindness. As the book unfolds a tea friendship quilt becomes an important theme. Chapters include each member's tea that she has planned: a "Welcome New Neighbor" Tea, a "Thank You, Teacher" Tea, a "Wishing You Well" Tea, a "Heart of a Mother" Tea, a "Wishing You Blue Skies" Tea, and a "Loving Hands" Tea.

In Sandy's words: "It is the tea society's dearest hope that their example of friendship will encourage other ladies to join together to take tea and to build true friendships."

And it has!


Arleen ~ The Tea Room said...

Hello! I joined Gracious Hospitality's Tea Blog-a-Thon, too, and enjoyed reading your selection for Litera-Tea.

I am so looking forward to getting to know everyone over the next several weeks. What a great idea and a great way to meet others with similar interests!

~ Arleen

Priscilla said...

Hi, I also joined the tea-a-thon and found your lovely post, this book sounds like something I would love to read, I enjoy reading about tea in fiction..... I have taken note of the title and hope to read it soon! Thank you

Priscilla x

Denise said...

Isn't this just the greatest blog-a-thon? Just our cup of tea, eh? Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment! I am honored indeed!

I really enjoyed your post ~ It's been a while since I read my copy. I'll have to get it our again.

Have a lovely day!

ellen b said...

Oh another book to look for. It really is wonderful to use the things that you love to serve others. Blessings...

The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

I really like how you described this book - it has the right emphasis, I believe.

Kathy at Shocking Pink Thread said...

Earlier this evening I was admiring all of the lovely wares at your shop on Make Mine Pink.....Imagine my surprise to see that you had visited my blog during the Tea Blog-a-thon! The book review is terrific. Thank you for sharing! ~Kathy

Carrie said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely information on book as well as about Sandy's Tea Society.

La Tea Dah said...

Karen, welcome to Gracious Hospital-i-TEA's blog-a-thon. I'm so glad you have joined us. Your book selection is perfect and exemplifies all that tea is about: friendship in everyday life and how tea assists in binding our relationships with others. And the art work is the frosting on the cake! Thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to your future posts. It's really nice meeting you.


La Tea Dah said...

Hi Karen,

Good morning! I'm here, looking for week 3's post, but don't see it --- so will come back again soon! Right now I'm off to find a cuppa tea. I'm going to sip it by the fireplace where it's cozy and warm. Outside it's still a gray and drizzly day.

Have a lovely day!

Joyce said...

Sorry it took me so long to get back with you after you paid me a visit!
I love Sandy Cloughs things. Have you seen her notecards? HA! I had some once and they were fab.

I visit her Tea Society website on occasion. She doesn't really add anything new to it. I keep telling myself I am going to make that cool Tea Tray she gives instructions on how to construct but I never get around to doing it. :~) Sigh.

I love your little Tea Cozies and other things you make. They are great.

I will be checking back and reading some more.
Be blessed, Joyce

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I also have this book and love it too! I like all her writings, and paintings!!