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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Country Living Women Entrepreneurs--Part 3

When I left off last, I had just scratched the surface in telling you about all the wonderful speakers that were at the event. The afternoon was filled with women who are giants in the business world!

Nancy Soriano interviewed Anna Griffin in the first session. We learned how she got her start and how she grew her company into the successful, diverse company she runs today.

The MMP row --Lunch with a Leader

The second session was a panel discussion moderated by Susan Mernit (Blogger & YahooProduct Developer). The emphasis was on making the web work for your business. Panelists included Heather Bailey (, Beth Ferreira (Etsy, Inc.), Lena West (xynoMedia Technology), and Ann Fox and Donna King(Room Service Home). The information they shared about using the web to grow a business was invaluable. Topics of discussion included blogging, websites, web marketing and more. (Lena West's "Go Ugly Early" was the piece of advice that stood out in my mind. Don't wait for perfection-just get a website and start selling. Get your product out there before somebody else does!)

Session three featured Tamara Monosoff, founder of Mom Inventors, Inc. She was a fountain of inspiration and motivation! She gave us a brief history of her political background and how those experiences helped her get her first invention from her head into store shelves. Her focus was on growing a business from the ground up. She covered topics such as making a business plan, financing, product development, overcoming doubts and fears, goal-setting, PR and more. (Much of the information can be found in her 2 books, "The Mom Inventors Handbook" and "Secrets of Millionaire Moms".)

Georgia and Tamara

Michelle and Tamara

Finally, the last session of the day was the introduction of the 2008 Country Living Women Entrepreneurs. Each woman was introduced and then given an opportunity to tell her story. The founders of 8 companies were on stage and among them, the reason I had come at all, Joyce Lucas, founder of MakeMinePink and Cottage Collections. Each honoree had something vital to share and each was an inspiration, but I cannot tell you how my heart swelled with pride and joy as Joyce was introduced! The woman who has been my mentor and friend was onstage and I and 20+ other family members and MMP boutique owners, were cheering at the top of our lungs. (Sorry, Joyce, we couldn't help ourselves!)

Roxie,Dianne, Cathy, Carol, Gail, and Michelle--A small portion of The Make Mine Pink Fan Club!

When the day was over, while visiting over wine and cheese, I tried to sort out all the information that had been shared. I couldn't do it. There was so much I would be taking back with me. Almost a week has passed and I am still processing the advice... and will be for a long time. Was it worth it? You betcha!

On Monday: MMP Fun at the Brownstone!


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

What a great synopsis !
Thanks for sharing this I surely couldn't have put it into words this well.


gail said...

Hi Karen thanks for the post. I have you entered for my contest. Its so fun. I read your sonnet written by your father. That was so beautiful. What an amazing gift. Thanks for sharing that special gift...luv, gail

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

There's a surprise for you at my spot! =0]