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Monday, January 14, 2008

New Tea Time Pretties

I just love January! Once the Christmas decorations come down, I begin to think about Spring. Not planting (I don't have a green thumb), but tea occasions. All the pretty Spring fabrics start arriving and I just have to create something pretty.

This year the creative urge has come a bit earlier for me than usual. Our temps have been so moderate that it just feels like Spring. Plus, my DH had shoulder surgery last week and is home bound for awhile. I hate to leave him for long, so I have been staying in and sewing. It has worked out very nicely--I sew while he reads or plays on the computer. (Normally, because he travels so much, I don't like to shut myself away when he is home.)

Here are just a few of the pretties that I made last week:
Sweetheart Apron--Tickled PinkTea Cup and Saucer Tote--Tickled PinkSweetheart Apron--Tea Rose

Tea Cup and Saucer Tote--Tea Rose

All of these are in my shop now, but may not last... Spring is just around the corner!


Miss Rhea said...

It is all so pretty !! Prayers for your husband for a speedy recovery !! I am having a giveaway if you want to come sign up !! :) Hugs,

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I love all of your hand made goodies Karen! Wishing your husband a quick recovery. Thank you for the invite to the Make Mine Pink Forum. I will have to stop in there soon!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh it is all beautiful Karen! It reminds me of spring!!! Yay, what a welcome site!

Hope things are going well for you!

Love ya,

Sharon said...

What a breath of spring Karen. Those totes are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Me too I start thinking spring even though it is 10 degrees out and months before spring.I have orders for my signs already..Pink solves everything!

Flowerchild Clay Queen said...

Karen... you little creative one...those are SO pretty..Love the new one..& I love the ceramic rose on there too! I'm glad you could use them..
Cindy :) (())