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Friday, June 15, 2007

New Short Sleeved Version of Crinkled Under Dress

Romantic Crinkled Under Dress with Lace-Trimmed Sleeves

This sweet, full-length under dress is designed to be worn in many ways. Some of the ways include: with a button-front skirt, with or without a light jacket; under a jumper; or under one of my pinafore aprons. Constructed of heat-set crinkled ecru polyester. A lace appliqué at the neckline and 4-inch Venice lace on sleeves and at the hem add a romantic touch to any outfit! 51 ” from shoulder to hem. Available in sizes 8-16 (up to a 40” bust and 42” hip). Hand wash. Just too lovely!

As always, check my website for pricing and availability.

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