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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Old-Fashioned Tea Time 1920-Style Pinafore Apron

In my shop, I carry 2 styles of pinafore aprons--a wrap-around style (as seen in Victorian Trading Co.) and a second style that slips over the head and fastens under the arms. This 1920-style apron is my favorite because I designed it based on a family heirloom--my grandmother's wedding apron. (I call the apron my grandmother's wedding apron because it was a wedding present.)

My grandmother was living in Dallas in 1921 when she met my grandfather. They had a whirlwind romance and married on Jan. 2, 1922-- 3 months after meeting. She had grown up on a farm and had left for the city and was a seamstress. My grandfather, who had also grown up on a farm, was a manager at a dept. store. Shortly after they married, he quit his job and moved her to central Texas to be a farmer's wife. Her best friend had made her the apron as a wedding gift and my grandmother always treasured it. My mom said she wore it all the time! I'm surprised it survived all the washings!

When I was a teenager, my grandmother gave me her apron because she knew that I would treasure it. I now have it hanging in my bedroom where I can see it and be reminded of her love. I know that most people would put an apron in the kitchen, but it fits in with my bedroom decor better. :)

I drafted the pattern for the aprons I carry from the original. I added a teapot at the neckline instead of the embroidered flowers that the original had. (I need to take a picture of it someday...)

Here are a few of the aprons I have in my shop:

This lovely old-fashioned pinafore apron was modeled after my grandmother’s wedding apron circa 1920. This full-length apron slips over the head and fastens under the arms with Velcro. (Vintage buttons have been added just for effect.) The neckline is graced by my signature hand-appliquéd teapot in a coordinating print or white damask linen with a color band to match the apron fabric. The edges are all bound with narrow muslin bias tape. Two patch pockets, also bound with bias tape and trimmed with lace and buttons, will hold whatever you need to carry from kitchen to table. Perfect for serving tea, preparing meals, gardening, or as a wardrobe accessory worn over a skirt and blouse. Hand or machine wash (gentle) and air dry. Iron with spray starch to retain crisp finish. 100% cotton One size fits most (up to size 14). Length from shoulder to hem: 46”. Too sweet! (Aprons are shown over a lace-trimmed underdress--available for sale in my shop also.)

The pictures do not show the fabrics very well. For close-up views, please visit my shop.


Harriet McCray said...

Are these aprons for sale?

Sweet Necessi-Teas said...

Yes, Please visit my shop at to purchase. Thanks