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Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Sewing Area

This is my tiny little sewing room (aka the laundry room--the washer and dryer are just out of view to the left) where I work. When we bought our house 15 years ago, I noticed that the previous owner had a sewing machine cabinet in this little nook. I had a portable machine and had always done my sewing at the kitchen table, so that's what I did. I continnued to do so for several years--using the nook for storage instead. Over time, though, I began to crave a spot that I could call my own and suddenly remembered the nook. I went up to look at it again (it's not like I didn't see the space daily--it's my laundry room! lol) with an eye to see if it could be transformed. For the first time, I noticed the skylight with great natural light streaming in, the built-in shelves, the built-in ironing board, and a space just the right size for a little table! Out came all the clear plastic boxes and all the other stuff that had accumulated there for 6 years. Up went fresh paint and things that I loved. I found an old table for a song and moved in my sewing machine. A sewing room was born! I have just recently redecorated my space in a more romantic style with some Rachel Ashwell items. I put up a faux ballon shade curtain to hide some of the clutter on the shelves, added a coordinating rug, a clock, and a seat cushion to dress up my old chair. I found the chippy little chest on sale for 75% off and finally organized my thread, ribbon, and assorted notions. I added 2 shelves across the table top to extend the work surface and moved my serger up where I can get to it easier. Yes, it is tiny, but it's my own space where I can dream and create wonderful things. And I love it!


Ruth Welter said...


Beautiful sewing room, love your products as well.

Lori said...

Karen ~
I love your sewing room ~ it is so inviting and wonderful !!!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

What a creative way to carve out your own little spot!! I enjoyed seeing your sewing room!